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We provide holistic professional services to become more charming, beautiful, and confident. Using the latest capabilities and the most advanced technology, we will restore your health and enhance your beauty. Because we will make sure that you are in the most beautiful version of yourself and the most stylish suit possible. so don’t think you should live your life as it now.


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At Best Hair Time, we provide integrated professional services to become more attractive, beautiful, and confident. If you’re suffering from any problem in your hair that affect your presence. Don’t think you should live this way all your life, you can choose magnificence, and discover the world of beauty.


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If you are in a hurry, you can get a consultation over the phone, to discuss with our doctors about your case and get a result that satisfies you

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Today the distance between countries is no longer a problem because you can book your consultation online and get your evaluation while you are in your place.


Consultation Via Video Calling

If you are in Turkey or Istanbul in particular, you can get a direct consultation with us, don’t let anything stop you from taking this step.


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We have answers to common questions people ask

Everyone loses their hair on a daily basis at a rate of approximately 50 to 150 individual hairs per day. Usually, the hair will grow back. If the hair follicle is thinned, however, this re-growth does not occur. All men experience some degree of gradual hair loss in their lifetime as a result of natural aging and changes in the male hormone androgen. Women may also experience hair loss.

There is no proof that male or female pattern baldness is related to tight scalp muscles, mental stress, washing frequency, type of shampoo, or skin conditions. However, certain medical conditions can cause hair loss

With the use of local anesthesia and intravenous sedation, discomfort during the procedure is eliminated.

You will be able to participate in any of the activities you enjoy within five to seven days after treatment. Your transplanted hair is permanent and may be washed, cut and dyed.

When you have hair grafted from the back and sides of your scalp to your balding areas, called an autograft, the hair will grow for the rest of your life.

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