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You don’t need to feel embarrassed after today, about the hair rooms on your head or from baldness, today you have the power to treat this problem and restore your self-confidence.

You may have heard a lot of self-development experts talking about dealing with the inside and solving problems starting within, without resorting to external change, but why be satisfied with reforming the inside as long as you can reform the outside, and acquire the beauty that will make you love yourself more and become more fulfilled.

Choose to be more beautiful today!

Best Hair Time is a hair transplant center offering all transplant surgeries: hair transplant, beard and mustache transplant, female hair transplant, eyebrow transplant. All of it in a professional way under the supervision of a group of doctors – The best of the best. Using the latest technology, follow up after the surgery, and improve your wellness so you feel like a new person.

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Beauty is a blessing that characterizes our personality, and it has a great influence on our lives in all its aspects.

Your beauty affects your self-esteem, mental health, and self-confidence.

It affects your relationships, and how you communicate with people, all of this is affected by your vision of your beauty.


There is no human being who is not beautiful on the inside, and we seek to reflect this beauty on the outside


The most important thing we have is the inheritors of our services, so we care to serve you, truly care.


If your beauty depends on the external appearance only, it will disappear with time, but when your health and well-being increase and improves, you will be the source for maintaining your beauty and even increasing it.


Our field is large and wide, so we keep up-to-date with the technological and scientific developments step by step


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Everyone loses their hair on a daily basis at a rate of approximately 50 to 150 individual hairs per day. Usually, the hair will grow back. If the hair follicle is thinned, however, this re-growth does not occur. All men experience some degree of gradual hair loss in their lifetime as a result of natural aging and changes in the male hormone androgen. Women may also experience hair loss.

There is no proof that male or female pattern baldness is related to tight scalp muscles, mental stress, washing frequency, type of shampoo, or skin conditions. However, certain medical conditions can cause hair loss

With the use of local anesthesia and intravenous sedation, discomfort during the procedure is eliminated.

You will be able to participate in any of the activities you enjoy within five to seven days after treatment. Your transplanted hair is permanent and may be washed, cut and dyed.

When you have hair grafted from the back and sides of your scalp to your balding areas, called an autograft, the hair will grow for the rest of your life.

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